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What Courses Are Inside Transcend Financial Academy?

Credit Repair Course

Learn how to remove negative items from your credit report using proven strategies used in credit repair businesses today!

Credit Building Course

Use this system to build your credit and improve your credit score up to 200 points fast!

Extreme Budgeting Success Course

Learn how to create a wealth producing machine using your current income through my money management system.

Why Transcend Financial Academy?

This academy will help you win with your current finances. If you’re tired of struggling with your money, TFA will help you create comfortable finances, boost your credit score, and make your dreams of owning a home a reality.

What Society Tells You

Popular demand shares that in order to be successful you must make more money so you can thrive. In actuality, what happens is the more money you make the more you spend. Your habits transfer with you on every new level.  Imagine making more money but never learning how to actually manage it. Often times, people end up repeating the same check to check lifestyle because the underlying cause is their lack of proper money management.

So, if someone is to surely thrive, they must first learn how to survive. That means you must learn how to create a comfortable lifestyle with your current income first, otherwise you’ll continue to struggle even when you're making more money.

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For a limited time, get FULL access to our credit repair, credit building, and budgeting online courses for ONLY $19.99?

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Instructed by Jason White - Author & Entrepreneur

Each course has been created by Jason to ensure that you learn the same exact methods he uses in his financial improvement company, Witness Riches, to help others repair, build, and manage their credit & finances.

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